Thursday, May 13, 2010

The .NET Rocks! Visual Studio 2010 Road Trip

I saw the DotNet Rocks Roadtrip while attending the Chicago Code Camp. Carl and Richard were very entertaining. Their special guests were Rocky Lhotka and Jay Schmelzer. They all talked about VS 2010 in general and how it will affect development in the future.

At the end of the day, Carl and Richard hosted the raffle in the 64 bit question style. It was a blast!!. Unfortunately for me, the conference ran out of raffle tickets before I could get one. Some people had multiple raffle tickets while a few of us didn't get one. It was fun despite that.

The sessions I attended at the code camp were good quality, especially for a free event. I definitely wanted more intense Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight talks. I have been to several entry level Win Phone7 talks and watched all of the MIX10 Windows Phone 7 videos, but I still want more.

Thanks you DotNetRocks for your Roadtrip. I enjoyed listening to your all of the shows, and have had a fun time learning alot about VS 2010.

Thanks again,
Doug Mair,